Join Leader Bart Worden at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, September 8, for Moral Progress: Challenges and Opportunities.

The Ethical Culture Movement was founded on the idea that moral progress, while not inevitable, is possible through the concerted and sustained efforts of people who strive to bring ethics to life. By working together to promote caring and just relations between people, by actively engaging with others to elicit their unique and special contributions to society, by appreciating one another as people of worth humanity could and would move forward and we would realize a society that is both compassionate and fair.  

Recent years have brought significant challenges to those expectations. Our task is complicated by technological factors undreamed of by our ancestors and by social structures that are at once powerful and seemingly beyond our control. Even so we have opportunities before us to pursue the ideals we hold dear so let’s take some time together to seek understanding and develop the tools we will need to move forward.