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    April 2014 Book Discussion Group

    This month the ECSW Book Discussion Group selection is Manash Ghosh's The Glass Palace.

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    Love on the Edge by Joan Katen

    Two university students, David and Yasmeen, are transported from their reality which is life amidst the insecurities and violence of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict to what is tantamount to a fantasy world in France. They find themselves far from home adjusting slowly to their new surroundings. Each is endeavoring to overcome personal sadness caused directly by the violence in the Middle East. They meet and are immediately attracted to one another, but their different backgrounds and prejudices keep them apart. That is, until fate takes a hand in their futures. Finding themselves in grave danger, they must learn to trust each other, cooperate, and let go of the stereotypes they have been taught to believe - if they are going to survive. Can their relationship, which develops so far from home and under such dire circumstances, stand the test of time?

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    Until Tuesday by Capt. Luis Carlos Montalvan

    On Friday, January 18, our Society hosted the Westchester County Psychological Association’s guest author, Capt. Luis Carlos Montalvan, discussing his book Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him. Of course, his wonderful service dog, Tuesday, accompanied him. This book is being made into a movie. The meeting included a discussion of the need for all service men and women to be introduced to counseling before they go into active duty. Then they are more apt to view counseling as helpful, not shameful, if they have a need for it later on, perhaps helping them deal with PTSD as soon as possible.

    A member of the group talked about ECAD (East Coast Assistance Dogs) and their need for volunteer help. They train dogs to work with disabled persons and also autistic children. They have a “Home for the Weekend Program,” where participants take a dog home for the weekend to help it learn house manners, socialize the dog to new surroundings, and reinforce basic obedience skills. This program requires a six-month commitment. They have many other volunteer opportunities for chil- dren and adults that are less demanding.

    — Zo Halton

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