Once each month, on Sunday mornings, the Westchester Community for Ethical Culture offers a forum for discussion and debate on a wide variety of topics – some controversial, some vexing, some puzzling, but all requiring careful examination in an ethical context. This series is known as the Living Ethics Roundtable.

Broken Media: How The Press Manipulates Our Lives.
A Westchester Community for Ethical Living
Living Ethics Roundtable

Sunday, October 2 from 11 a.m. to Noon

Here are a couple of questions to consider:
• Is it still possible to get objectively-reported news? Where?
• Is pure journalism dead?
• Why do so many believe – why is it so easy to believe – fake news?

The format for the Living Ethics Roundtable sessions is simple: We begin at 11 a.m. with a light, mid-morning refreshment – coffee, tea, and pastries.

At 11 a.m., we gather in the large meeting room for a brief orientation on the day’s topic, and to distribute worksheets for discussions that will follow.

We then divide into two or three smaller groups – the roundtables.

The worksheets typically include four or five questions/statements. Depending upon the flow and dynamics of the conversation, the group may address as many of these as they choose and as time permits.

Each roundtable group is moderated by a designated individual who assures that these simple “rules” are followed:

  • speakers’ initial comments are limited to no more than two minutes
  • speakers are not to be interrupted

Debate and cross-questioning are appropriate after each participant has shared their statement.

The discussions are planned to last approximately 40 minutes. Participants then reconvene in the large meeting room to share with all highlights and conclusions of the roundtable discourse.