We’re heading into Week 4 and have 2 events to join between now and Sunday and you can check out the offerings below. And, in case you missed any of last week’s events, Anna has made videos available for each session. I want to call special attention to the Anna Garlin Spencer Award event – it was wonderful to see and hear the presentations of the awards and the responses from the awardees. So much of the work of our Societies is carried out by our heartfelt and dedicated members and the 9 presentations brought home the importance of taking the time to acknowledge people’s contributions. And the music by “A Different Thread” was just great! 

Here’s the list of last week’s presentations:

Tuesday, June 22nd, 8pm – 9:30pm ET: “Membership Development” with Jone Johnson Lewis and Bart Worden Watch on Youtube here!

Wednesday, June 23, 8:00pm – 9:30pm ET: Pre-Business Meeting: Budget and Finance with AEU Treasurer, Tom Castelnuovo 

Thursday, June 24th, 8pm – 9:30pm ET: “Reclaiming the New Colossus” with Scott Francisus Watch on Youtube here! 

Saturday, June 26 at 2pm – 3:30pm ET: Anna Garlin Spencer Award Ceremony Watch on Youtube here!

A reminder: if are you a Delegate to the Assembly this year you may want to check out this link to the Slideshow  and the Partial Recording from the June 5th Delegate Training 

Back to this week’s events. Please remember that you can view all of these events on the aeu.org website’s 2021 Assembly Calendar and links to the events are on the AEU Connections calendar so you can grab the Zoom link you’ll need when you need it.

Tuesday, June 29nd, 8pm – 9:30pm ET: “Polarity Management” with Jone Johnson Lewis and Bart Worden – 

Some conflicts in Ethical Societies are difficult to resolve because they are actually polarities where both ends of the disagreement have value and are necessary. Jone and Bart will present a model for managing the tensions between them. They will be providing some examples and tools to help.

Wednesday, June 23, 8:00pm – 9:30pm ET: Pre-Business Meeting: Bylaws Amendments and Policy Changes with AEU Secretary (and Chair of the Policy Committee), Casey Gardonio-Foat

Hope to see you Tuesday and/or Wednesday this week!