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Changes are Coming to Westchester Ethical Culture

by Louise

Spring is the season of rebirth. We can’t imagine a better time to reintroduce the Westchester Community for Ethical Culture to you, our members, and to the larger Westchester community. The Membership Committee has been working very hard and we are excited to announce to everyone our plans for supercharging our Community with a new name, mission […]

Bart’s Blog 7/25/21

by Louise

Having just returned from Kansas City, Kansas where I officiated for my son’s wedding, this will be one of the more “short and sweet” posts to this space. Suffice it to say that a wonderful time was had by all and meeting our new family members was a lot of fun! We are now heading […]

Bart’s Blog 7/18/21

by Louise

This is a special week in my life. On Saturday our older son and his fiancé will be married near Kansas City, Kansas. This is the second wedding in our nuclear family in a year’s time (our younger son and his fiancé were married last September) and is a watershed moment for me and my […]

Bart’s Blog 7/11/21

by Louise

I wonder what people’s experiences are like of being with other people without the restrictions of social distancing? Many, many people within my social circles have been fully vaccinated and it seems every day there are new opportunities for in-person interactions. So far I am finding it extremely pleasurable yet also discomfiting – I had […]

Bart’s Blog 7/4/21

by Louise

The AEU Assembly Committee thought it a good idea to have a bit of a break for the July 4th holiday weekend and I hope you found some opportunities for rest and restoration. 4th of July is a holiday that would often go unnoticed in my household were it not for the fireworks and their […]

Bart’s Blog 6/27/21

by Louise

We’re heading into Week 4 and have 2 events to join between now and Sunday and you can check out the offerings below. And, in case you missed any of last week’s events, Anna has made videos available for each session. I want to call special attention to the Anna Garlin Spencer Award event – it was […]

Bart’s Blog 6/14/21

by Louise

This Week June 14, 2021 A good number of you have already joined the Assembly program by attending the Keynote event last Wednesday. If you missed it, here’s a link to the video: Assembly 2021 Keynote Speaker Egberto Willies with Music by A Different Thread. I also noticed many familiar faces at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical […]

Bart’s Blog 8/1/21

by Louise

The theme of this year’s Assembly is “Addressing The Whole Truth About America.” The theme is meant to inspire us to address key questions such as, “Is America all that it should be? All that it could be? Is America living up to its aspirations?” The quick and easy answers are “no,” “no,” and “no.” […]