Bart Worden

One year ago we watched in shock and horror as a violent mob attacked the US Capitol, forcing their way inside and occupying areas of the building for hours in an attempt to disrupt the certification of electoral votes submitted by the states. Many of the officers who were protecting the Capital were injured and some were killed. 

Fortunately, the Joint Congress was resolute and refused to let the interruption derail our democracy, working through the night to certify the electoral vote counts for all of the states. 

The riot has had a devastating impact upon our nation and calls into question the very basis for our democratic government: the sanctity of people’s votes. 

Some have looked to rewrite history, to downplay the violence and destructiveness of the mob that attacked the Capital, to continue to spread false stories of voter fraud and miscounts. These deflections and minimizations cannot be allowed to stand.

Remember what you witnessed on January 6, 2021 and redouble your efforts to ensure that those who are eligible to vote have the opportunity to do so and that their votes count.

Thank you,


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