The American Ethical Union is excited to offer Individual Memberships!

What is Individual Membership?
As an Individual Member, you can strengthen the voice of Ethical Humanism and support the Ethical Movement’s efforts to support a more just and compassionate world for all. Individual Membership with the American Ethical Union is open to everyone, including those who are already members of Ethical Societies. Individual Membership will offer you access to Ethical Culture presentations, publications, and the latest email news and updates. As an Individual Member, you will also receive discounts to conferences and other special events.

Why is Individual Membership being made available?
Before Individual Membership was made available, only Ethical Societies could be members of the American Ethical Union, which is a federation of organizations rather than individuals. Many people who did not live near an Ethical Society and were interested in what Ethical Humanism has to offer expressed interest in joining and participating. Individual Membership is a way to offer opportunities for connection and engagement with the Ethical Humanist Movement.

How will this affect my membership with my Ethical Society?
Individual Membership with the American Ethical Union is intended to compliment one’s membership with an Ethical Society by strengthening connections with the Ethical Humanist Movement and with other like-hearted people. The Individual Membership experience will enrich your experience of Ethical Humanism and deepen your sense of being a part of a larger community.

Will my Individual Membership affect my Society’s contributions to the AEU?
Individual Membership contributions are independent of the local Ethical Society’s contribution, known as “apportionment.” Apportionment covers a large measure of the American Ethical Union’s operating expenses and the Union also relies upon contributions by individuals to meet budget targets. Individual Membership contributions will help the Union meet its budgetary needs and provide funds for expanded programming.

How would my Individual Membership benefit the Ethical Humanist Movement?
By making Individual Membership available, we have made it possible for more people to support the Ethical Humanist Movement and get involved. Your membership will expand the American Ethical Union’s reach, help us identify groups of people who may benefit from having a face-to-face Ethical Society in their geographic area, provide opportunities to explore ways to use technology to build interpersonal engagement and community, and enable the Union to pursue new programs and enhance existing ones.

How do I become an Individual Member of the American Ethical Union?
Go to Become an Individual Member page to fill in your contact information and select a membership level. You can renew your level annually or select a new membership level. If you have any technical issues or further questions, please feel free to contact us at or 212-873-6500.