Matteo Maroun and Noah Velazquez enjoyed a weekend at the YES (Youth in Ethical Societies) conference in St. Louis, Missouri and Camp Manitowa in Benton, llinois. The boys flew out to St. Louis on Thursday, November 8. They were hosted by the St. Louis Ethical Culture Society on Thursday night and spent Friday touring St. Louis with other Ethical Culture youth from various societies. The group then went out to a summer camp, Camp Manitowa in Illinois. The camp was in a beautiful natural setting overlooking a lake. The theme of the conference was the morality of money. Various discussions and skits were included in the weekend’s activities. Matteo and Noah in particular enjoyed meeting up with Ethical Culture youth they had met at the previous year’s conference and meeting new people at this year’s conference. Lighthearted, fun activities included eating marshmallows and playing guitar. If you see Matteo, please ask him why he is barefoot in various photos! The boys flew back to New York on Sunday afternoon.

Matteo, Noah, and their families are especially grateful to the AEU and our own society for their financial support, which helped to make their participation in the conference possible.

-Bridget McGraw