Recently, The Sunday School took two field trips. The first was a trip to theĀ UN. Our Sunday school joined several other Sunday Schools in the region were we attended a lecture on NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Then we all had a rare opportunity to go deep into the halls and lecture rooms where world issues are discussed and voted upon. After a brief movie on the Armenian Genocide, we headed down to the employee cafeteria where we all had lunch.

The second trip was to the annual Green Festival. Jyoti and Shivani arrived on there bicycles and attended the festival for free. We all had a great time sampling wonderful food. This food wasn’t just delicious, the companies making it had the goal of using the minimal carbon footprint possible to make it. There were dozens of vendors. Food wasn’t the only green product being sold. There were environmentally friendly beauty aids, personal transportation, furniture, clothing and various other consumer products. The children learned that there are corporations which are actually interested in having a business model which produces products that will sustain and not destroy our earth.