Sermons by Bart Worden

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Leader for the Ethical Culture Society of Westchester
Executive Director of the American Ethical Union

Sunday Platform Meeting: “Engaging With Life, Realizing Worth”


Our Leader, Bart Worden, speaks about the challenges we face and opportunities we realize when we strive to bring out the best in others. He alludes to an article, Googling for God, in the New York Times about American’s changing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to god and religion. Bart considers how Ethical Humanism offers […]

“Environmental Stewardship: Caring for the World We Live In”


ECSW’s Leader, Bart Worden, speaks about his worries over what is happening with our environment and the dangers that lie ahead due to climate change. He notes that worrying about the environment and doing something about it are two different things and recommends adopting an “enlightened self-interest” approach to addressing climate concerns.

Gratitude: A Humanist Perspective


Is life a gift from a  Humanist perspective? What are we to say about feelings of gratitude when they arise? How does our sense of appreciation figure in to our efforts to lead good lives? These questions and more will be the subject of Bart Worden’s (our Clergy Leader) talk.

Becoming the Story


The theme for my address cycle this year is “Facing the Community” and I am hoping that the addresses will dovetail with a significant uptick in the Society’s ethical action efforts – especially in regard to efforts to deliver forums and workshops to address concerns of the general public. This effort builds upon last year’s successes with No Impact Man, Race to Nowhere and Hidden Battles with an aim toward monthly events—most often in partnership with other organizations—that would provide a fresh and helpful point of view regarding important challenges our communities are either facing now or likely to be facing in the future.

What We Live For


In 1876 the founder of the first Society for Ethical Culture, Felix Adler, said the following in his inaugural address: “There is a great and crying evil in modern society. It is want of purpose. It is that narrowness of vision which shuts out the wider vistas of the soul. It is the absence of […]