This Platform Address given by Tina Tinen at the Ethical Culture Society of Westchester in White Plains, NY on Sunday, March 3, 2019.

Tina Tinen was released from prison in 2012. She’s an advocate for women’s rights, especially those who are incarcerated. She’s a member of the Incarcerated Mother’s Committee of the Coalition for Women Prisoners. She was awarded the Susan B Anthony award from NOW for work on an anti-shackling bill.

Tina is involved in working with Women and Justice, affiliated with the NOVO Foundation. to transform the former Bayview Correctional Facility, on 20th Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan, into a space dedicated to equality, liberation and justice for all girls and women everywhere. It will become a hub for re-entry programs, including leadership training. NOVO and will play a role in the project.

Tina is also a member of a new research committee of identifying and recommending re-entry programs for the David Rockefeller Fund.