Sermons from January 2018

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Supporting LGBTQ+ Kids and Their Families

Our guest speaker for January 28, 2018, was Nathaniel Gray, the founder of The Proud Path, a mentorship and educational program for adults in contact with queer youth. He is in the process of starting The Pride Alliance, a nonprofit seeking to build on the work of The Proud Path, to provide free family reunification […]

Humanism Viewed Through a Globalization Lens

Govind Nair was the guest speaker at the Ethical Culture Society of Westchester on January 21, 2018. His presentation examines globalization as an unfolding civilization process which is creating new challenges for human reason and agency. It inextricably links our empirical understanding of the world to our moral imperatives to face unprecedented existential challenges. Four […]

Day of Deeds: “Family Impact in Realizing Youth Potential”

Our first guest speaker for our January 14, 2018, Day of Deeds event was Dr. Bhavana Pahwa, Deputy Director of the City of White Plains Youth Bureau. Dr. Pahwa talked about the programs offered by the Youth Bureau and described how people could get involved with the organization.

Day of Deeds: “The Slater Center’s Support for Coachman Families”

Our second speaker at our January 14th, 2018, Day of Deeds event was Heather Miller, Executive Director of the Thomas H. Slater Center here in White Plains. She spoke about the programs and services offered by the Slater Center and also voiced concerns about recent anti-immigrant sentiments voiced by a government official.