Sermons from March 2014

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“The Trend in Marijuana Laws Today”


Our Guest, Laura Notini is a cannabis activist and theater professional in New York City, an organizer of the annual NYC Cannabis Parade, on the board of Empire State NORML, and a NYC regional coordinator for the NORML Women’s Alliance. She enjoys cooking, crafting, travel and cannabis, and writing about it. As Foreign Correspondent for […]

Dale McGowan – “Why Am I SUCH a Wonderful Guy?”


A lot is known about how ethical development occurs – a matter more of experience than of education. But the place of unearned privilege is too seldom recognized-the fact that some people, with little effort on their part, are more naturally able to behave ethically than others. I’m one of these people, and you probably are as well – but I don’t think we deserve much credit for it. We’re in a privileged position that makes it easier to be good. The most ethical response we can make is not to crow about our virtue, nor to lecture or scold, but to extend our relatively easy ethics to others by working for a more just, humane, and empathetic world.

Rehabilitation Through The Arts

Rehabilitation Through The Arts (RTA) was founded in Sing Sing in 1996. Today, they work in five New York State prisons with innovative programs in theatre, dance, creative writing, voice and visual art. RTA is dedicated to using the creative arts as a tool for social and cognitive transformation behind prison walls.