Ethics For Children

Building Resilience- Empowering Kids

Our mission is to help young people develop a resilient mindset by practicing empathy, self-compassion, and compassion toward other people, the planet, and all living things so they can move forward confidently in an ever-changing world.

Why a Resilient Mindset?

Childhood is a vulnerable time. It is easy for young people to feel anxious and powerless in a world that they don’t entirely understand and where mental models for what is perceived as ” normal” is constantly in flux. A resilient mindset helps children shift their focus from external circumstances that they cannot control to what they can control, namely their response.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” – Maya Angelou

We at ECSW Children’s Program want to partner with families who are working so hard to ensure that their children lead happy, confident lives by offering programs that develop their ability to navigate changes and challenges without sacrificing values or character. It is our hope that after spending time in our program young people will be able to express in their own way these guiding principles:

  • I have the freedom to choose how I respond in every situation.
  • I choose how to live my values.
  • My belief in myself inspires me to take action.
  • My connection to the planet, people, and all living things strengthens me.
  • I seek opportunities for personal growth and development.

How We Practice Resilience

Connect to Ourselves
Creative arts and storytelling are two ways we help give young people a voice. Kids write stories, create animated videos,draw illustrations, and participate in other creative projects where they can express their ideas, feelings, and experiences.

Connect with Nature
Activities like tree planting, learning about food production and waste management, environmental cleanup days, and nature hikes expose children to the natural world where they can experience their place in it.

Connect with Community
Our inclusive kid-friendly environment encourages children to make friends across developmental stages and other differences. Our connection to a larger community creates opportunities for intergenerational friendships.

Children are exposed to different volunteer and fundraising opportunities so they can explore what issues are most meaningful to them. Before we volunteer anywhere we learn about the communities and how they are affected and what forces shape their present circumstances.

Big Questions

The Three Connectors and other program activities serve as a vehicle to help kids try to answer big questions and more.

Who am I?
Connect to Ourselves and Connect with Community gives young people an opportunity to explore their values, and personal and group identities.

Eighth graders are invited to share what they have discovered for themselves through their participation in the Children’s Program in a formal presentation as part of our Coming of Age Celebration.

How do I relate to other people, the planet and all living things in a healthy way?
All three of our connectors (nature, community, ourselves) help our students to understand the realities of social-vulnerability and access to power, knowledge, and resources.

Our intergenerational Let’s Play Event along with our seasonal potluck community celebrations bring families together to have fun in an atmosphere of inclusion and belonging.

Why are we here?
All activities are opportunities for personal growth, development, and connection.

What happens when you die?
Our Connect with Nature module offers an opportunity to discuss the observed world and the natural life cycle without getting too philosophical. This allows children to incorporate their own understanding of death based on their developmental stage and experiences within their own families and communities.