Dr J Everet GreenZay Green

Events surrounding Ferguson and other areas of the country have seriously questioned the euphoria following President Obama’s election in 2008 that we are living in a post-racial society. Though a number of whites have joined in the outcry regarding the inequity of the justice system, the belief that these events are anomalies of a truly fair system do not address what has been and is an underlying issue, that is, white privilege in America. Consequently, fifty years after Selma, blacks find themselves organizing to fight the same battles that existed prior to the Civil Rights Movement.

Dr. J. Everet Green presently teaches at Mercy College. He also taught philosophy at the New School and Purchase College. He was founder of the Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference. Dr. Green is also editor of the series on African American and Africana philosophy published by Brill. Zay Green has been a teacher and librarian for many years. She is presently a high school mathematics teacher and librarian. Ms. Green has written a book entitled Christianity and Black Oppression: Duppy Know Who Fe Frighten which was published in 2012. The Dr. and Ms. Green are co-founders of Humanitas: The Africana Ethical Society.