Join us on July 1 for a screening of Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next” at the Ethical Culture Society!

Film maker Michael Moore visits various countries to examine how Europeans view work, education, health care, sex, equality, and other issues. From cafeteria food to sex education, Moore looks at the benefits of schooling in France, Finland and Slovenia. In Italy, he marvels at how workers enjoy reasonable hours and generous vacation time. In Portugal, Moore notes the effects of the decriminalization of drugs. Through his travels, we discover just how different America is from the rest of the world.

“Impassioned. ‘Where to Invade Next’ offers hope and is Mr. Moore’s most far-reaching film.”  New York Times.

“Provocative, hilariously funny…Moore’s latest film is his most bold and most sophisticated. Instead of pointing out our flaws, he imagines our possibilities. And instead of wallowing in fear and panic, he offers practical ideas for productive change.”  Salon.

“Love him or hate his methods, Moore touches a nerve in “Where to Invade Next.” [In surveying other countries’ best practices, he sees that] what counts most [are] humanitarian principles, the same bedrock concepts that America was founded on. See, the joke’s on us. The rest of the world is swiping ideas that we originated. Amid the comic chaos of this scattershot satire is a shocking reminder to Americans that discovering the path ahead may be as uncomplicated as rediscovering the way we were. It’s classic Moore.”  Rolling Stone.

There will be a discussion after the screening.  Light refreshments will be available.

Suggested donation: $10