Honoring the history of Black Liberation struggles and the particular uprisings of 2020 and 2021, the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture is proud to host, along with other ethical and humanist societies, a Juneteenth celebration entitled “Where is the Joy in Freedom?” with guest speaker NYC Deputy Mayor J. Phillip Thompson. As Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives Phil Thompson led the campaign for Juneteenth to be recognized as an official holiday in New York City and New York State. He is the author of Double Trouble: Black Mayors, Black Communities and the Call for a Deep Democracy.

The celebration also features musicians DuPree, Lindsey Wilson and Barry Kornhauser and poets Valerie Verdia and Kim Brandon. 11 a.m. is gathering time, to meet and greet one another. We start the formal program at 11:15 and usually end about 12:30. After that, we have a time of informal conversation.

Members and friends please register at https://bsec.org/juneteenth-rsvp.