I find the purpose of human life is to seek-out meaning through a critical analysis of one’s own being, its’ knowing, and its’ lived experience– I hold these elements of human development to be the makings of an Ethical Life.  A Life that assess relativity through ‘Me-search’, ‘We-search’, and ‘Research’ among one’s own self and towards others, thus Ethics in a vocation of the critical social human relationship and reflection, where “love is what justice looks like in public.”  This clerical philosophical formula is an informant to my efforts with regards to the human condition and cultivates relationality with a congregation, a not congregation within walls on a Sunday but a public congregation of community action, right relationship, and the inclusive education.

~ Rev. Dr. Jé Exodus Hooper, Ph.D., D.Min., MA, & MPS
American Ethical Union 
NLC President
The Valley (Consultant Clergy-Leader)

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