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A unique outlier in many respects, Ethical Culture has allied itself and been a home to many philosophical partners over the years, including humanism, free thought, progressivism, religious liberalism, agnosticism, atheism and so forth. Adherents to these belief systems have found a home because of Ethical Culture’s emphasis on deeds above creeds and its work towards many issues common to liberal and progressive agendas. Despite these similarities, Ethical Culture is also radically different than these beliefs. Had Adler continued living into the present age, how would he have applied the Ethical way of life to modern environmental and societal challenges?

Curt Collier is the Interim Leader of the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County and has served as Leader of three other Societies during his nearly 20 years of service. Collier is also the National Youth Program Director for Groundwork USA, an organization created by the National Park Service and the EPA to help raise the capacity of communities to deal with local environmental challenges. He has created a number of programs with federal partners and supporting agencies to create environmental job training, resume-building experiences, and career pipelines for diverse youth of color in multiple states.

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