Can we pull together as Americans after this divisive election season? Laura Shapiro and Mayra Bloom have been working on a project that could point us toward how to do that, and they’re coming to the Society on Sunday to tell us about it.

Alarmed and saddened by the growing divisiveness in America, Mayra and Laura set out to reach across the aisle in their own neighborhood to try to really understand what the “other side” has to say. As “Democrats Willing to Listen” they have been ringing doorbells at homes that display Donald Trump signs. Their mission is not to change anyone’s mind, but simply to listen as openly as they can, and establish some common ground.

We hope to see you at the Ethical Society on Sunday — the usual time — to hear what Laura and Mayra learned by speaking with Trump supporters (and how they managed those conversations in the first place!), and to think together about pathways forward for our country after this election is finally in the books.