Please join us this Sunday on Zoom for an interactive Spring Festival where we can share what’s helped us reach this long awaited spring. Read a poem or an inspiring selection, sing a song or play a musical piece. We love and miss hospitality and someday we’ll be in-person, describe that easy, delicious recipe you found in print or online or those new ingredients that brought life to an old favorite! Or anything else that kept you going!

Instructions: We’re coming out of what seems like a few long winters. What have you discovered that’s helped you through? Please bring a poem, a short reading, a song, a new, easy, and delicious COVID season recipe, or a special ingredient to share with our members and friends. Aim for about a 4 – 5 minute piece or description and send a file containing your offering to, so that it can be placed in the chat or emailed to our group.

Join Zoom Meeting: 
Meeting ID: 473 702 460 Passcode: Contact