The 400 Years Project:  A Countywide Collaborative Presents… “SHOT – Caught a Soul,” a one-act Play by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, JD, a Pulitzer Center Grant Recipient.

A virtual performance will take place Tuesday evening, February 16, 2021, from 7–8:30 p.m. The 30-minute play will be followed by a discussion. “SHOT” received a Pulitzer Center grant and excellent write-up. “SHOT” is about a Black teen haunting the White officer who shot him.

Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, JD. Image courtesy of Gloria J. Browne-Marshall.

The 400 Years Project:  A Countywide Collaborative will sponsor “Shot,” a one act play depicting an after death conversation of an African American male teen who “haunts” the Caucasian officer that fired the deadly shot, killing  the teen.  Written by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, JD, Full Professor at John Jay School of Criminal Justice, the spiritual visit by the deceased teen to the officer raises questions as to why his life was senselessly taken.  In attempting to speak to the officer’s conscience, he “troubles” the officer to question his own thinking and motivation behind shooting the teen with the obvious intent to kill.  “SHOT,” a thought provoking and compelling commentary on the “shoot to kill” incidences involving police and African American men around the country as well as President Biden’s assurance that systemic racism will be addressed in all institutions of American society, is a timely and relevant literary piece that promises to leave its viewing audience in serious contemplation. 

This is a free presentation.  Please contact Latasha Jackson at to RSVP with your name and email address so you will be sure to receive the Zoom link for “SHOT.”    

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