Join Us for the Queer Liberation March in NYC. The ECSW will be marching in NYC in lieu of platform on 6/30. For more info, please contact Laurie Rigelhaupt at

The Queer Liberation March is a people’s political march—no corporate floats, and no police in the march. It honors the powerful legacy of the Stonewall Rebellion by highlighting the most marginalized members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Retracing the steps of the original Christopher Street Liberation Day March of 1970, the Reclaim Pride Coalition will gather in Sheridan Square, march all the way up 6th Avenue, and end with a rally in Central Park’s Great Lawn.

Everyone is welcome to join the March at any point. The March is free, legal and safe, with no pre-registration or wristbands required.

We will gather on 7th Ave south of Christopher Street before stepping off at 9:30 a.m.

We will march one block up 7th Avenue, take a right on West 10th Street over to 6th Avenue and then all the way up 6th Avenue into Central Park.

Meet up with the March at Bryant Park by 11 a.m. We realize not all folks can make the 9:30 a.m. step off, so we encourage you to join the March at this point instead.

You can join the march at any point by stepping off of the sidewalks into the streets anywhere north of West 23rd Street on 6th Ave. (Below this point it might not be possible due to street blocking for the HOP Pride Parade).

The march will end with a Rally in Central Park’s Great Lawn at 1 pm with disability access on the corner of East 85th Street & 5th Ave.

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