Though police reform has been in the spotlight recently, the need for restructuring law enforcement has been an ongoing issue for many years. On Sunday, August 16th, the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture will host a platform featuring Maya Wiley, an American civil rights activist and former board chair of the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board. Among her many accomplishments, she founded and served as president of Social Inclusion, a national policy strategy organization dedicated to dismantling structural racism. Until recently, Maya was an MSNBC legal analyst.

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Maya Wiley has spent her career fighting to dismantle structural racism and win transformational change with low income communities of color. From the ACLU, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, to founding the Center for Social Inclusion, a national policy strategy organization working with community based and national organizations for equity, Maya has worked on the front lines of the intersection between racial and economic justice at the community level. Maya is a leader in city government and in spurring democratic change. As Counsel to the Mayor she delivered for New York City on civil and immigrants’ rights, women and minority owned business contracts, universal broadband access and more. After leaving City Hall, she made police discipline more accountable as Chair of the Civilian Complaint Review Board, and worked to improve public education as a Co-Chair of the School Diversity Task Force. At the New School, where she currently serves as a University Professor, she founded the Digital Equity Laboratory on universal and inclusive broadband.

Maya Wiley is committed to a New York City where every New Yorker can afford to live with dignity. That’s why she is exploring a run for Mayor. Maya will fight for a New York City of all races, all religions, all classes, all types of people; where no matter who we are or how we see ourselves, we can find a home here. Her vision is a New York that rises from the ashes of the twin pandemics of the Coronavirus and of systemic racism and its historic refusal to invest in people of color. New Yorkers must rise together; rising above hate to empathy, rising from joblessness to dignity, rising from homelessness to hope, and rising from an affordability crisis devouring half of our residents to communities that sustain all of us. Never has that been more possible but it requires bold leadership that fearlessly faces the realities New Yorkers confront to make history, not deals; to transcend the business-as-usual tinkering of government to the truly transformational that marshals all of government for the fight. New Yorkers cannot afford the politics of the path of least resistance and deserve leadership that will beat a path to shared prosperity so that we become one city, rising together, out of the ashes and into a future we make and live together.