Our perspectives, or points of view, influence everything we think, say or do.

The #6 written on a piece of paper, to one person may look like 6. Another person looking at it upside down will be convinced the number is 9. The number remains the same: only our perspectives seem to change it.

What happens when we doggedly hold onto our treasured points of view? Do we sacrifice something “sacred” when we take in another’s perspective? Or do we actually gain something? Do we always need to agree? Can we not first listen to understand before we debate?

We all have our filters and facets, yet the most beautiful of diamonds sparkle because of myriad facets. How can we develop more “facets” of our own so as to enhance our capacity to understand ourself and others? Are we ever too old to change a point of view about others or ourselves?

Judy Rosemarin, a longtime member of the Ethical Humanist Society, will be exploring “Perspectives and Possibilities” on Sept 5, 2021.
She is co-author of “Becoming An Exceptional Executive Coach, “ has taught at New York University, Baruch College and is faculty at Osher Life Long Learning Institute (OLLI) at Ringling College in Sarasota Florida.

Judy has a background in Executive Coaching, Community Theater as an actor and director and is currently writing and performing one-woman monologues. She was the original Careers Plus contributing columnist for the New York Post, with an MS in counseling and an MSW in Social Work. Judy is on the Board of EHSLI, is part of the Westbury Volunteer Corps and has taught her cat Leo how to walk on a leash.

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