The “American Experiment” was launched in colonies originally chartered by kings and populated by persons fleeing social and religious oppression in Europe. The new order was shaped by a desire to protect against government abuse. A balanced three part government was designed to limit consolidation of power in making, enforcing and interpreting our laws. Our Supreme Court has used originalism to reconstruct a vision of national values which threatens to restore the power of a king and disempower the most democratic branch, the Congress. We are face with abandoned precedent and a government out of balance.

Our speaker Geoff Smith has been a member of Ethical Culture since 2014. He attended two schools dealing with law, Union Theological Seminary and New York Law School, after which he maintained a legal practice for 40 years including litigation related to affordable housing, zoning, immigration and international human rights. Geoff served as counsel for several not-for-profit organizations and lectured on the Law of Non-Profits at Pace University.

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