There are many long-standing inequities in this country. For centuries, a portion of the population has managed to secure economic and political dominance over others who have been excluded from the fruits of their labors and denied the respect due to them as human beings.

There are many long-standing inequities in Westchester County, too. Wealth gaps, disproportionate earnings, substandard healthcare, prejudice in civil and criminal justice, and in education – the list goes on.

While there have been years of efforts to push back against injustice, the hurdles are many, and the results are difficult to achieve and maintain. The Westchester Community for Ethical Culture has long been working for positive change – a change that will promote a more equitable and compassionate world for all people. That means working together, building partnerships, and developing opportunities for people to come together for social justice work, to move forward, shoulder to shoulder, in solidarity.

In this talk, WCEC’s clergy leader, Bart Worden, will discuss developing prospects for social justice efforts in Westchester County. He will present a model for collaboration designed by Interwoven Congregations, an organization based in Maryland that is helping congregations develop collaborative partners for social good.