Where do “I” begin and what can I call my own? Our minds are complicated by the degree to which our experience is crafted out of what we have gathered from the world around us and, especially, what has been incorporated from the people in our lives – the language, ideas, values, and morals of our culture. Yet, we like to think of ourselves as unique individuals and expect that we, as individuals, are responsible and accountable for our actions.

A core element of ethical humanism is the acceptance of the inseparability of people as individuals and people as a group, and the commitment to work with that inseparability to foster a positive evolution of ethical engagement.

Can we be better than we are? Can we exceed the bounds of the culture we have inherited? In this talk, ECSW’s clergy leader, Bart Worden will speak about an ethical humanist view of our complicated relationship with ourselves and others and how we may pursue ethical advancement in the here and now.

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