Alain Locke made the declaration that ‘art was the key to Black Liberation’ — a reimagining of freedom. Subsequently, no critical or transformational idea is removed from the human ingenuity and agency of the imagination. The ability to use the imagination is an establishment, sustainable practice, and restoration of culture. In society, some would argue that they ‘Just live by faith’ but in this platform, we investigate the power of imagination as a way of act of betterment that we create together.

Jé Hooper is a preacher, producer, and performer. He is a member of the Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture, where he has served as the Director of Family for Ethics for Children program. Jé is currently a leader-in-training with the American Ethical Union and a 2017 recipient of the Mossler Fellowship that will assist in the production of a film, Humanitas: Coloring with W.E.B. Dubois and Felix Adler.

Along with these ambitious leaps into our Humanistic community, Jé is attending Ohio University for a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts, where he will focus on Preaching in Africa: a creative response to the AIDs/HIV epidemic. He is supported creatively by his life partner Storäe Michele and his two dogs Milo and Shilo.