“The Bubonic Plague and Blackness in the Twenty-first century:  Will the Current Pandemic result in a Paradigm Shift?” is the topic of our next HUMANITAS: The Africana Ethical Society meeting on Saturday June 13, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. via zoom. As our last month’s topic the “The Politics of Hair” generated a lot of interest and discussion beyond our time constraint, we will devote a few minutes to express some conclusive thoughts on this matter  before discussing our main topic.   

We are extending an invitation to everyone to join us on Saturday June 13, via ZOOM. 

For more information regarding HUMANITAS: The Africana Ethical Society and our June 13 meeting via ZOOM, please contact everet@verizon.net.

HUMANITAS: The Africana Ethical Society is a naturalistic organization committed to deconstructing metaphysical and pseudo-scientific misconceptions regarding the human experience and affirming that humanistic ethical values can be found in Africana traditions and the struggles of Africana peoples. 

All are welcome.