A stroll through the supermarket can be overwhelming. The sheer abundance of food is astounding: fresh produce is stacked in bins that stretch into the distance – bins that are overflowing with fruits and vegetables from far-off places as well as from local farms. A dizzying variety of processed foods are stacked high in the aisles with a plethora of brands to choose from. According to the Feeding Westchester food bank, however, that organization has been feeding over 200,000 people a month in Westchester County. How can that be?

What’s more, additional subsidies put in place during the corona virus pandemic helped thousands of Westchester residents put food on the table but those subsidies expired at the end of February. It’s expected that even more people will be in need of Feeding Westchester’s services in the months to come.

In his talk on April 2nd, WCEC’s clergy leader, Bart Worden, will explore the current state of affairs regarding food availability in Westchester and consider some avenues for ensuring all have access to healthy and nutritious food.

This is a hybrid meeting.