Pandemic, conflict, the natural world nearing a state of dangerous imbalance, all sap the energies we need to increase compassion and equity in our communities so as to play a part in making a world where the worth and dignity of each person are realized. 

How do we set our goals, choose our deeds and muster the resources to see them to completion? How do we learn enough to act wisely and effectively but not so much as to find ourselves overwhelmed by the immense need around us? 

Please join us for small group discussions of any or all of these topics:

  • Strengthening our resilience
  • Separating  truth from misinformation in the media
  • Revitalizing our communities
  • Incorporating AEU resolutions into our local initiatives

in our platform: “How Can I Help? Who Should I Help First?”

A Commitment to Peace

“In the long run, the best path forward is a commitment to creating a Culture of Peace.”

THEREFORE The American Ethical Union in 2021 resolves to:

  • Renew our commitment to a culture of peace within the United States and globally;
  • Continue to stress in our public presence the importance of a culture of peace in our personal relationships, in our homes, in our local communities, in the work of our Ethical Societies, and in our nation, including how our work against economic injustice, systemic racism, and climate change promotes such a culture of peace; 
  • Support the National Ethical Service, an affiliate organization, in its work in coalitions that support a culture of peace internationally; and
  • Urge Ethical Societies and their members to take actions to promote a culture of peace, including:
  1. learn about peacebuilding and a culture of peace, including the content of the United Nations documents and H.R. 1111 and similar proposals;
  2. work with other Ethical Societies, including regionally and nationally, in education and action;
  3. support H.R. 1111 and future equivalent proposals through appropriate activities and actions; 
  4. continue to educate themselves and others on root causes and effective solutions to violence and war;
  5. continue efforts to educate about and dismantle systemic racism as a key root cause of violence;
  6. continue efforts to educate about and act to reverse climate change as a key root cause of war; 
  7. continue efforts to educate about and act to end economic injustice as a key root cause of violence; and
  8. support in coalitions and by their own efforts other global, national, local, and interpersonal peacebuilding efforts to end violence and build a culture of peace, including human rights, economic justice, and an environment that can sustain human thriving

You can join on Zoom or in person.

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