Could this goal from the 1848 “Communist Manifesto” provide the most ethically defensible description of the more humane world we ultimately seek? How does it fare in contrast to Thomas Jefferson’s goal of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”?

Felix Adler distanced himself from Socialism as he thought it merely represented “mass individualism” (a rather accurate description of a movement that had reduced itself solely to narrow trade union goals, necessary though they be). Sadly, Marx and Engels left the ultimate goal—a society where each cared for another fully because of his/her worth as a human and sacrificed to meet the needs of each—to that stage of material abundance that could easily facilitate meeting all human needs. We can and must do better!

Jim White provided legal counsel for 35 years, in support of psychiatric patients, and he also served as Leader for both the Essex and Riverdale-Yonkers Societies for 13 years. Jim loves retirement and is now a full-time activist and granddad. He currently co-chairs Congregations for Justice and Peace in Harlem. He is married to the singer-nurse Eileen Karlson, and is gratified to have close relationships with his two sons, Jacob and Paul and their wonderful families.

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