Director Join Jesse Moss (2019)

An enigmatic conservative Christian group known as the “Family” wields enormous influence in Washington, D.C. in pursuit of its global ambitions.  Originally founded in 1935 as a religious fellowship, it mobilized for political purposes merging evangelism with corporate capitalism to oppose FDR’s “socialist” reform agenda. 

In recent years, it is known for sponsoring the National Prayer Breakfast, which has been attended by every president since Dwight Eisenhower.  It counts Congressional representatives as members and uses its enormous influence to inject its brand of Christian values and control into official policy, erasing the line between state and religion. 

This Netflix original 5-part series was produced in 2019.  We will show 2 of the episodes.

The Washington Post wrote: “The Family” is quite timely. The Christian right has found renewed energy since President Trump’s election. Christian nationalism, the idea that the United States was founded as a Christian nation and needs to return to its religious roots, is on the rise. Many pundits and scholars wonder whether the evangelical movement can be separated from the agenda of the Republican Party… “The Family” is a must-see. 

There will be a discussion after the screening, as always.  The screening is free, but donations are welcome.