It was 25 years ago that the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit and had its vision corrected.  Named after Edwin Hubble, the legendary astronomer of the early 20th Century who discovered the expanding universe, it is one of the towering scientific and technological achievements of our age.  It has deepened our capacity for observation and discovery beyond measure. The documentary Hubble: Universe in Motion probes the revelations and discoveries achieved with this breathtaking invention, and celebrates its role in forever altering our understanding of the universe. It also created a legacy of images that awe and amaze. 

Reaching depths and realms of space never before documented or even imagined, the Hubble has enabled astronomers insights into the history and functions of solar systems, black holes, exploding stars, planets and even the possibility of extra-terrestrial life.  Hubble: Universe in Motion summarizes several of the most profound discoveries made possible by the Hubble.

The documentary offers a compendium of the greatest images taken by Hubble over these years.  Some animations are included which help illustrate the astronomical features that Hubble brought to light.  This is a visually wonderful film that will leave you in awe.

After the screening there will be a short film about real space travel.

Discussion to follow the screening.

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