In January, we will screen two films on poverty in America today. They powerfully illustrate how governmental policies that punish the poor are both cruel and counterproductive. They forcibly entrap people in cycles of poverty and perpetuate it.

The first film, entitled “Poverty in America,” is a European production from 2019 that shows conditions from a European point of view. It is instructive to see the surprise and amazement of the Europeans when they witness neglect and suffering “in the richest country in the world” that was remedied long ago in their own countries. They tour homeless camps in Los Angeles, persistent poverty in Appalachia, and free medical fairs operated by volunteer doctors and dentists serving thousands who wait in line for care they couldn’t otherwise receive.

The second film is “Baby Brain” which explores the theory that chronic stress, such as that which accompanies poverty, causes brain damage in babies. That, in turn, leads to diminished intellectual function which perpetuates poverty.

A discussion will take place after the film. Entrance is free, but a $10 donation will be gratefully accepted.