Let’s kick-off “Father’s Day” in Westchester with an event that honors and celebrates fatherhood from a multi-cultural perspective! Friday, June 16, 2023 from 7:00pm (arrival and refreshments) to 9:30, join us in exploring and learning about the “Challenges and Joys of Fatherhood – a Multi-Cultural Exchange” from men representing the cultural mosaic as we discover some of the differences and, mostly, similarities of fatherhood regardless as to what part of the world our roots may to linked to racially, ethnically, culturally and religiously. We are all of the human race of mankind.

The event will be held at the Westchester Community for Ethical Culture, located in the City of White Plains. Their message, “Our faith is in the human capacity to create a better world,” is embedded in the various activities, programs and events sponsored by the organization. The “Ethical Café,” held monthly on Friday evenings, is a social gathering focusing on networking, music, refreshments and, always a program which may feature a guest speaker, a panel discussion, spoken word artists and other activities designed to generate discussion and an exchange of ideas for the purpose of learning from each other, growing in our appreciation of cultural differences with the ultimate goal of creating a better world here in Westchester as well as globally.

Our Panelists for June 16th

Manni Areces, Civic Leader
Paul Feiner, Greenburgh Town Supervisor
Richard Hyland, Professor, Westchester Community College
Charles Morgan, Director, Port Chester Youth Bureau
Vikas Agrawal, MD and Community Leader


Abishai Ben Reuben – drum

Joseph Boykin – vocals

Duke Jones – trumpet

Alva Nelson – piano