Hello Members and Friends, 

Our Fall Festival is on Sunday, November 26th at 11 a.m. at the Westchester Community for Ethical Culture. There will be live entertainment and food. This festival is open to members, non-members, friends, and family. There will be a brief open Fall Membership Meeting at the start of the festival in which we encourage our members and others to attend. 

Please join us. 

Please respond to the below (if you haven’t already)

The Fall Festival has a seated potluck meal for everyone and we appreciate any contributed food item for our event. 

Please see below for type(s) of foods some people have already indicated on bringing.

The categories are:


Main Dishes  So far, we have carni, ham, salmon, I believe someone said turkey 

Side Dishes  So far, we have Sweet potato w/marshmallows, hummus & cheese, another person will bring something  

Salads  So far, we have one person bringing something

Bread and Rolls  So far, we have cornbread and rolls 

Desserts  So far, we have pastries, two other people said they will bring something 

Drinks / Beverages  So far, we have wine, seltzer


Main Dishes  So far, we have (vegan) cabbage dish, (vegan) a mystery dish,

Side Dishes So far, we have nothing indicated or see above

Salads (if specifically for vegans)  So far, we have nothing or see above 

Bread and Rolls (if specifically for vegans) See above

Desserts (if specifically for vegans)  So far, we have nothing or see above

Drinks / Beverages  See above 

Please note: For vegetarians / vegans – if you want your food item to be exclusively for vegetarians or vegans – please tape a note to the dish saying so, otherwise, some vegetable dishes may become available to non-vegetarians. 

Also, in the past some members have asked if people can provide ingredient information along with the food due to food allergies.

Please respond to let us know what you would like to bring so we can try to fill any needed items. 

Please return to me your response to this email: lfedio@hotmail.com and please copy Fabiola at frangel@ethicalsocietywestchester.org

We hope you can come and join us. 

Thank you,
Lori Fedio