Jonathan Larsen will explore how religious and non-religious societies around the world are handling decreased membership and seeming disinterest in the concept of a traditional religious community, during this Platform, entitled “Evangelizing Ethical Culture: How to Grow a Traditional Community in a Non-Traditional, Segmented, & Distracted World.” Are there success stories among religious organizations throughout the world, and if so, what are they doing that we are not doing? We will also delve into how younger cohorts are organizing themselves, both digitally and in real life, and what lessons we can possibly take from this. Finally, we will delve into the deeper needs that a “traditional” community fills and how you actually get the message out to people who really want what we are selling, on a spiritual and emotional level.

Jonathan Larsen is Director of Operations, EZ Care Home Care. He is also a Certified Nursing Assistant who has worked as a caregiver for clients with a range of conditions.

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