For this Sunday’s Ethics Lab we will be watching an interview with Marshall Shepherd, PhD hosted by Jonathan Foley, PhD, executive director of Project Drawdown, discussing the environmental equity concerns raised in the interview, and considering ways to get more involved in addressing barriers to environmental equity.

About Marshall Shepherd PhD: Dr. Shepherd is a well-known, world-leading meteorologist and professor. He is an expert in climate change and its effects in urban environments. He was recently inducted into the National Academy of Engineering, and he is a past chair of the American Meteorological Society. He hosts The Weather Channel’s Award winning Sunday morning talk show, “Weather Geeks” and he is a regular contributor to Forbes.

Dr. Shepherd is one of the core researchers for Drawdown Georgia, an initiative inspired by Project Drawdown to accelerate progress toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for the State of Georgia. The goal is to reduce Georgia’s carbon impact by 30% by 2030.

Articles by Dr. Marshall in Forbes Magazine:

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