Perhaps the most confusing aspect of Ethical Culture Societies are their designation as nontheistic religious organizations. For most people, the word “religion” conjures up notions about belief in deities and afterlife – beliefs that are not commonly held by Ethical Society members. Religious institutions also have long histories of problematic behaviors socially, politically, and ethically which makes the religious designation feel onerous to many within the Ethical Culture communities.

On the other hand, religions and religious organizations have also done much good by bringing people together in a positive and nurturing way, providing support for the suffering, consolation for those who grieve, and inspiration for those who seek deep meaning and purpose.

In this talk, WCEC clergy leader, Bart Worden, will speak to what he believes is an essential aspect of the practice of ethical humanism: a commitment to living for a more ethical culture that is so deep and so widely encompassing that it is best described as a religious endeavor.

This meeting will be both in-person and via Zoom.