This presentation will take a look into how The United States approaches paying, supplying, and supporting caregivers, specifically caregivers for our growing population of elderly residents. It will dive into the ethical dilemma of why we treat those who care for those we love so poorly and look at the economic forces which push caregivers to the bottom and force them to survive on a less than living wage. It will finally give everyone some tips on what to do when needing or planning for future care needs.

Jonathan Larsen has worked in the Home Care Industry for 10 years and is currently the Director of Operations at Compass Care LLC, a concierge home care company serving NYC, Westchester and Fairfield CT. Jonathan is also a Certified Nursing Assistant with 3 years experience working as a caregiver for clients with a range of conditions. Jonathan also has 7 years experience working for the United States Senate and as Education Policy Analyst at the National Youth Employment Coalition worked three years as a public school teacher and business manager. Jonathan has extensive political experience, working on local and national political campaigns.