Given the uneasiness about modern entertainment media, games might not seem like fertile ground for ethical education. However, games have been teaching ethical behavior for thousands of years. Games can place players into moral dilemmas that will test their ethical boundaries or place them in the shoes of someone with whom they would normally be unable to sympathize. Perhaps more important than direct ethical content, games also require players to honor their social relationships and sometimes to work together in groups with others. Paulo Ribeiro will explore the field of tabletop, digital, and physical activity games on the market today that push the bounds of creativity and nurture crucial values and social skills.

Speaker Bio: Paulo Ribeiro is a Leader-in-Training with the American Ethical Union. He holds a BA from Montclair State University in Sociology and is a recent graduate of the Humanist Institute. He is a three-time recipient of the US President’s Volunteer Service Award for his work with children’s education and recreation programs.