Join Christian Hayden, member of the Philadelphia Ethical Society, for “Can I Be Black and Humanist? A Continuing Conversation on Race, Faith, and Identity” Sunday, May 5, at 10:30 a.m.

Christian took a humanism pilgrimage to Ghana in 2015/2016, where while serving, he engaged with ideas on what it meant to be humanist and black. But, before that he had already begun a journey on reconciling his blackness within the context of living in the Brooklyn’s East New York and Philadelphia’s Southwest communities, and the greater world around him.

Christian says the most significant thing to know about him is that he is an Ethical Culture Leader in training, which means you are stuck hearing from him for a while.

The second most important thing is that he fell in love with photography recently, so you might hear about that too. Christian is a full-time facilitator, very part-time poet, and striving to be a 24/7 humanist. He also spent a year in Ghana with the Humanist Service Corps and was awarded the Mossler Fellowship in 2016.

Christian’s platform will be heavily influenced by those experiences. Christian currently resides in Philadelphia and is a member of Philadelphia Ethical Society, and Future of Ethical Society.