War is not inevitable. Violence does not solve conflicts. In violent conflicts, everyone loses. While these assertions may be personal beliefs, they are well supported by facts. There are many ways to forestall violent conflict, many ways to approach disputes that lead to cooperative partnership and result in benefit for all. Nonviolent coexistence can happen and can open new pathways for realizing a more ethical culture.

There are, however, significant hurdles to nonviolent living and we – and our human cultures – have vulnerabilities that work against our building a culture of peace. It will take significant effort and determination to move away from violence and toward mutually beneficial cooperation but the potential rewards are huge.

The American Ethical Union has resolved to support efforts to build a culture of peace in our personal relationships, in our homes, in our local communities, in the work of our Ethical Societies, and in our nation. Let’s see what we can do to join that effort.

Join Leader Bart Worden to discuss this thought-provoking topic.

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