Join us on Saturday, June 18 with the Navigators for kayaking at Tarrytown Lakes!

Kayaks will be rented from Hudson River Rentals, which has a concession there. We’ll be in “recreational” (a.k.a. “sit on top”) kayaks, which even rank beginners can manage fine! We’ll meet up at 1:40 pm. If this time is a problem, we have some flexibility in reserving, so let Colleen know if it makes a difference to you. They recommend coming between 12 and 3 to have the best chance of boats for everyone at the same time.

Let Colleen know your plans ASAP. (She can revise head count later, but wants to set aside boats for us.) They keep 6 double kayaks there, so it may be that bigger kids will need to take their own boats. They let some kids sit on a single kayak with an adult, but it’s unclear on size limits for that, and we doubt the passenger doesn’t get a paddle.

$20 per person for an hour (possibly $25 if the size of our group isn’t big enough)

Following kayaking, we may do a little geocaching hike after we’re back on land, for whoever’s up for that.

Email Colleen at for more info.