In the three months since it launched at our fall membership meeting, the “deed donation” project is rolling right along. Some members’ deeds you may have already enjoyed, such as Glenn playing saxophone at a recent platform. Some you might be looking forward to, like the upcoming Game Night Ruthanne is organizing or the movie screening Emile has arranged. Some might be flying under your radar, such as Diane’s efforts to line up a platform speaker. The list of examples is long and varied, and if I name checked everyone who has stepped up, and this was an Oscar acceptance speech, the orchestra would be playing me off stage by now. So let me just say the Society is a richer place for everyone’s efforts.

Of course our Society only runs at all thanks to the many, many deeds performed by many dedicated people week in and week out. Somebody is setting up the chairs, making the coffee, printing the programs, scheduling speakers, paying the bills, giving members rides to the Society on Sunday, planning Sunday School lessons, publishing the newsletter, and so much more. All that is before we reap any “bonus” deeds of the kind we are aiming for with the campaign we launched in the fall. We all owe both groups of doers a hearty round of applause.

You know another great way to thank everyone for their efforts? Do a deed! You know, a pay-it-forward kind of thing. Check out the swanky sticky wall full of deeds done and deeds yet to be done, now conveniently located on the back wall of the main room. It’s there for anyone wanting to pledge another deed, suggest a deed, or remind themselves about what they pledged and get motivated to make it happen. Perusing the brightly colored slips thereon might also lead you to another likeminded member who will help you pull off your deed, whatever it may be. The only thing more Ethical than doing a deed would be doing a deed together!

— Colleen Kapklein