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Losing Our Religion

by Bart Worden

I’ve been thinking about the recent Pew Research Center poll finding that about 20 percent of American adults claim no religious affiliation – more like a third when you look only at people under 30. It’s a dramatic rise in the number of “nones” – just five years ago, Pew put the figure at about […]

Acts of Kindness

by Bart Worden

By now maybe you’ve heard of the “26 Acts of Kindness” Campaign originally proposed by news anchor Ann Curry: the Twitterverse (and, presumably, real life) is abuzz with tales of individuals doing all manner of acts of kindness in honor of each person killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School – and encouraging the recipients to […]

Time, Talent – and Treasure

by Bart Worden

The fall membership meeting traditionally kicks off our pledge campaign, and so it did again this November. But this year before we got into dollars and cents I introduced a system for tracking another kind of contribution to the society. It is true, of course, that the Society needs money to keep us rolling along. […]

Giving Thanks

by Bart Worden

Here’s my problem with Thanksgiving: the idea of formally giving thanks begs the question – to whom? The assumed answer (to god) is not a construct that holds meaning to me. Still, as I’m sitting down to turkey and trimmings, I feel drawn to something like a traditional grace: acknowledgement for the “blessings” (same problem: […]