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On Ethical Activism (Part 2)

by Tanya K. Thompson

An important lesson journalism school taught me is that a writer should read and re-read his or her work before submitting it to the editor. But many writers are so obsessive about their work that even after a piece is published, they’ll keep re-reading it, finding a word or line that could have been phrased […]

On Ethical Activism (Part 1)

by Tanya K. Thompson

Last Sunday (5/22) the Ethical Culture Society of Westchester’s (ECSW) leader, Bart Worden, gave a thought-provoking talk on ethical activism. While most of us have an idea of what encompasses ethics, ECSW takes ethics a step further by calling us to act on our ethics. The words “ethics” and “activism” are not often paired, but […]

Position Open: Director of Ethical Education Program for Children

by Bart Worden

The Ethical Culture Society has an opening for a part-time Director of their Ethical Education Program for Children to serve grades pre-K through 12.   Position Description Status: Part time   Hours: 10 hours per week. Specifically, two of these hours will be Sunday morning from 10:15-12:15 when the Ethical Society meets and the Sunday […]

Pitching in for Parks – Rye Marshlands Conservancy

by Deborah Sadler

Our spring festival platform was a little different today! A group of us got out in the fresh air today to help the Rye Marshlands Conservancy gear up for spring.    We built paths of wood chips (skillfully lined with logs), we picked up litter, and took time to enjoy a gorgeous morning in beautiful surroundings. […]

Do The Deed

by Bart Worden

In the three months since it launched at our fall membership meeting, the “deed donation” project is rolling right along. Some members’ deeds you may have already enjoyed, such as Glenn playing saxophone at a recent platform. Some you might be looking forward to, like the upcoming Game Night Ruthanne is organizing or the movie […]

Ethical Culture Rejuvenation Day

by Bart Worden

The last Sunday of every February is now Ethical Culture Rejuvenation Day. This holiday was created to be a holiday that is exclusive to the Ethical Culture movement. Holidays exist to bind a community together by celebrating shared values and traditions. Ethical Culture does not have many holidays that it can call its own. It […]

Amnesty International

by Bart Worden

Most people are familiar with Amnesty International for its actions in trying to free prisoners of conscience and demand that they be treated fairly and be subject to the rule of law, e.g., not being held indefinitely without trial or charges being brought against them. Another aspect of its work are campaigns on various human […]

About Comfort Zone Camp

by Bart Worden

Comfort Zone Camp is a nonprofit 501(c)3 bereavement camp that transforms the lives of children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver. The free camps include confidence building programs and age-based support groups that break the emotional isolation grief often brings. Comfort Zone Camps are offered to children 7-17, and […]

A Collaborative Chorus

by Bart Worden

The ECSW chorus has been a cooperative effort this year. While on paper I am the chorus director, nothing could have been achieved without the participation of the members. All of them did much more than just show up and sing. The performance at the Winter Festival is a perfect illustration. It began with selecting […]