SockWaRs anyone?!


Why, but of course!!! A number of players of all ages doffed their shoes to participate in a lively game originated by EC Leader Randy Best, and brought to us by Eric Steinnagel at our Game Night March 16th. The goal was to survive being pelted by balled up socks thrown by members of the opposite team, thus being effectively “out”. A “Jedi” on each opposing side had a small foam bat to hit away flying socks, and was able to be hit three times be- fore retiring. We were winded and happy at the end! Two intrepid game players tried out “Encore”; a game where players had to remember and sing parts of songs contain- ing a given word or referring to a given category. Most participants joined two large groups playing “Apples to Apples”. In this game players select the card from their hand that is best described by a card played by “the judge”. If the judge picks your card, you win that round. Everybody gets a chance to be the judge. There were other game options, and activities like Twister, Marbleworks and toys for the children. Plus yummy snacks and desserts. Let’s do this again sometime!

-Ruthanne Worden


Game Night on March 16th was a “blast”!

About 25-30 people, including guests and children were in attendance that Saturday night. We played a physically fun-filled round of Sock Wars, a fun and competitive game utilizing our great floor space. Then we followed with more “subdued” board games with 3-tables of people play- ing various type games. We all engaged in social time, chatting and eating the desserts and snacks that everyone contributed. So, thanks to all who came, played and contributed! I hope that you enjoy the pictures too.

-Barbara Finiguerra